Take this sinking boat…

… and point it home.

I find the lyrics of many of the songs from the indie “Once”, intriguing and as always find a personal interpretation in them. The film is at the top of my Netflix queue, and if I ever send back the 3 dvds I have (received in early January) I may finally see it. It seems like it my be something I would like; a good human story. Then again it may end up as overdramatic crap… but I’m willing to take the chance based on some songs, and the fact that overdramatic crap has a chance of fooling me currently…

I am vaguely aware (the extent of awareness of anything for the time being) of a small handful of my post being of nautical reference.. this one being indirect. My love, fear and loneliness have been felt and symbolized through the ocean for all of my life that I have the ability to remember. I can gaze for hours, good weather or bad at the scenes the ocean terrain and skies provide me. I deeply fear and feel the strength and depth of the sea at the same time as I enjoy it. Finally there is nothing that can remind me of isolation, and the truth of how small we are individually then an entire stretch of beach that I may sit upon on at either sunrise or sunset. I have many memories of the ocean, but a dark blanket of clouds are starting to cover them, like a slowly incoming winter storm.

Take this sinking boat and point it home,
We’ve still got time.


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