Terminator Mod – Looks Better than real Terminator Games

***UPDATE POST – Terminator Mod – Los Angeles 2029 ***
Wow. Check out the Alpha Trailer for a Terminator Mod for the Unreal Engine.
Link to the Terminator Mod Alpha Demo download and an additional video after the jump…

Terminator Mod Alpha Video

There have been Terminator mods for every engine imaginable as long as I can remember. Including Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. I love Bethesda, but their Terminator games in the 90’s were terrible. It would seem like this is just a step away from professional, if they aren’t already. They even have a composer and sound designer and everything is looking and sounding great as a result. I cannot wait to check this out when it is ready. The moddb lists an alpha. Now I have to get a copy of Gears/Unreal 3 in order to play it! I would love to be involved in a mod like this. This is the stuff that future careers are made of and can make internet modding legends. Why is that it seems like it will take a Terminator Mod to actually produce a good Terminator game. Apart from the T2 shooter in the arcades all the Terminator games on console were horrendous. I remember playing them on the NES and SNES and wanting my rental money back. I think that’s what I dig Gamefly now. I just send it out immediately and don’t have to waste another $4-5 on another game that may suck.
If anybody had Gears/Unreal 3 for the PC, please grab the Terminator Mod and share your review with us here. I am really interested to see if it plays as good as it looks in these trailers.

And here is an alternate Terminator Mod video with Gears of War / Unreal 3 Engine from Youtube.

You can game the Terminator Mod 1.0 Alpha Demo here.

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