The Getaway – Mission 2 – Burning Bridges – PS2 Enhanced

Mark is now under the control of an old rival mob boss by the name of Charlie Jolson. Jolson is threatening to kill Mark’s kid, so he’ll do whatever he says, including going against his old friends and former gang, if it means his child be unharmed.

The first task Jolson sends Mark on is burning down the club where his old boss Nick Collins and his crew hang out. This means mark will be probably killing some of his old mates. Nasty business.

The Getaway was played via PS2 through component cables, sent to the Avermedia Extremecap U3. Though the game supports 16:9 it renders at 480i not 480p, resulting in some pillarboxing at 720×480. The video was cropped to 640×480, then increased to 960×720 with cleanup via an unsharp mask to increase image quality.. Final render 12Mbps variable with 256kbps stereo audio.


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