The Getaway PS2 – Titles – Enhanced

The title sequence from the Playstation 2 game The Getaway.
The Getaway is a 2002-2003 action-adventure game with a British Gangster theme that harkens back to the the classic gangster films from the UK during the 1960s and 70s. Films like: Get Carter and The Long Good Friday. It featured an somewhat open-world of a partially recreated London, with basic driving and shooting gameplay mechanics. It also makes use of a simplistic cover system.

The Getaway was played via PS2 through component cables, sent to the Avermedia Extremecap U3. Though the game supports 16:9 it renders at 480i not 480p, resulting in some pillarboxing at 720×480. The video was cropped to 640×480, then increased to 960×720 with cleanup via an unsharp mask to increase image quality.. Final render 12Mbps variable with 256kbps stereo audio.


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