The Getaway – Mission 3 – Art Appreciation – PS2 Enhanced

It seems that Jolson is trying to start a war with every major gang in the London area, and Mark is his catalyst and goat at the same time. The group in his crosshairs is the 14K of the local Triads. Mark is to clear out the local art museum, hit up the basement, and grab an ancient Chinese statue, which just happens to also be stashed with drugs.

At the same time, Mark is contact with old Collin’s gang pal, Liam, who reluctantly agrees to help after hearing Mark’s story. He is trying to find where the boy is stashed.

The Getaway was played via PS2 through component cables, sent to the Avermedia Extremecap U3. Though the game supports 16:9 it renders at 480i not 480p, resulting in some pillarboxing at 720×480. The video was cropped to 640×480, then increased to 960×720 with cleanup via an unsharp mask to increase image quality.. Final render 12Mbps variable with 256kbps stereo audio.


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