Thief – Part 10 – Octopuss and Other Odd Jobs

Thief 2014

All rights Eidos Montreal and Square Enix.

Thief Walkthrough – Part 10 – Octopuss and Other Odd Jobs 1080p

Garrett emerges from his latest encounter days later, his injured hand bandaged and hurting. He meets Basso at Siren’s rest. His main goal will be the Asylum where Erin was kept. But before he heads to the island where the asylum is located, he takes a few jobs from Basso to gain some coin and practice his skill.

Missions covered in this Thief Walkthrough:
Shark Bait
Fit for a Queen
Casing the Cargo
Poor Protection
Carnal Connoisseur

Notable Loot:
Obediah Northcrest’s Obelisk – Plaque
Lilca Brooch – Flowers Eternal
What is There Cannot Be Unseens – Court of Montessori painting
The Octopuss – Client Loot
The Virtuous Lady – Whiteridges Duty
Wellpool Viper Bracelet – Mortal Coils

Covers Thief 2014 side jobs prior to the Chapter 5 main mission Forsaken.

Thief Walkthrough Part 10 – Ocotpuss and Other Odd Jobs recorded in 1080p. 10Mbps variable Single Pass with 128kbps stereo audio at 44 khz.

Thief Walkthrough Playlist (WIP) continues with part 10, side missions prior to chapter 5.

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