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“Big Picture mode, a full-screen Steam interface suitable for TVs, released in December as part of Valve’s attention-grabbing campaign to plant PC gaming in the living room. In an interview with Polygo…”

While I’m not sure I will buy a SteamBox, I do “buy” into the concept. Having this discussion recently with some friends on Facebook, some in the industry, some not, several of us are of the mind that new console competitors, indie or not, are definitely a good thing. SteamBox, Ouya, Gamestick, and so on at their very base point provide a new platform and a new avenue for people to develop new gaming experiences, starting at an indie level.  As far as Valve goes their concept may be able to take the “superiority” (remember that PC is my main platform) of PC gaming and give it the console feel. Though, if you are one of those that has complained about your gamepad and TV being the the reason you exclusively console game (I also have a PS3) your argument is invalid. Gamepad and TV support is built into the vast majority of decent (read entry or mid-level) PCs at this point

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