A few years ago for halloween (and several times since then) I’ve created zombie-fied versions of myself or friends for usage in the social media profiles. Obviously this can be done for any holiday, but Halloween provides the most opportunity for some fun and for exercising those Photoshop muscles. The first thing one has to work on is getting over their pride. I find it helps to make a dumb zombie face as a base image. A dark background helps of course, but that can always deleted in post.

This is actually a fairly old image, and it was done in relatively short order, so I hope to be updating with a newer, higher quality example. However, the basics are all here. While the end result is the image above, you can see some of the intermediate stages in the little gallery below. This particular ‘shop is a combination of source images and painting, with some final sharpening to really highlight the creepy detail.

The images below show a brief glimpse at some of the stages of Zombification.

There are lots of apps and quick solutions to get yourself looking like an extra on the Walking Dead, however if you’d like to go the extra mile and receive a custom-made, high-quality zombie version of yourself, consider hiring me for some simple freelance work. With a little money and time, and starting with a (preferably high resolution) simple photo of yourself, I can turn you into a “walker”!

A freelance writer and digital artist, operator of this website. My name is James Schumacher, and I hold a degree in Game Art & Design (BoFA) from the Art Institute in Portland. My passions are gaming, music, books, film and my friends. Select Photography to see some of my latests photos, with more found at 500px and Viewbug. Currently you can find much of my game reviews mostly at Only Single Player http://www.onlysp.com. I am available for freelance writing work, as well as for image and graphic editing.


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