Treasure Island 1990 Preorder – Release Date Confirmed

*Update* Treasure Island DVD review here!

It’s finally 100% confirmed, Treasure Island 1990 DVD approaches! Check out this graphic released to major vendors as a tie-in for the Ben Hur Anniversary Blu-ray release. A collection of Heston films are set to come out with Treasure Island featured most prominently.

Treasure Island 1990 DVD CoverTreasure Island 1990 Release Date

So according to the full graphic of this ad insert, we’ll get Soylent Green on Blu-ray and The Bible, A Man for All Seasons, Antony & Cleopatra and Motherlode along with Charlton Heston’s Treasure Island co-starring Christian Bale all on DVD on September 27.  Treasure Island 1990 is brought to us by Turner Entertainment, TNT Originals, WHVDirect and WarnerBlu.  If you’ve been reading the site you’ll know that this is one of my favorite films and the best adaptation of Treasure Island to date. It features Oliver Reed, Christopher Lee, Pete Postlethwaite and Julian Glover as well; quite the cast. Treasure Island DVD preorders are starting to pop up now.

Treasure Island DVD Pre-orders

Currently I’m not see any movement on this announcement at Amazon or some of the other major retailers.  However, we do have a new entry at the WBShop listing Treasure Island for $9.99, DVDEmpire also has a Treasure Island entry with the above cover art and same $9.99 price and release date. Really hoping for an Amazon Treasure Island 1990 DVD pre-order to pop-up, release date delivery would be excellent. Amazon now has pre-order up (see below!)  Can’t wait to see how this looks on DVD, really hope it was well-preserved or got some remastering treatment.

Credit to for the news of this long-awaited release.

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The related posts below should give you some idea of this film.  It’s a faithful adaptation with a remarkable cast and features an amazing score performed by The Chieftains.

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  • James

    Great news, my VHS copy from the 1990’s is wearing out. This is the greatest version of TI ever made. From my knowledge this has never been shown on TV in the UK. This is a shame because the cast is amazing.

    • Line

      i couldn’t agree more! Does anyone know if the film is avaible in dvd in Denmark? Could be great cause I can’t find it 🙁

  • DDS

    Holy shit, is this you, Crow?

    /Damned Dirty Swede

    • Umm.. I used to go by |CROW| or NeoCrow on IRC long ago. Do we know each other?

  • Line

    Hi JamesInDigital
    I really hope you would like to answer me. It is the girl from Denmark once again, I gave up the last time, but now I’m back again. Do you know if The Treasure Island on DVD is avaible in region 2 (Denmark)? I would be so happy, if you would answer me. Have a nice day.