Alternate The Last of Us E3 Footage Shown at Pax Prime

Watch The PAX Prime Demo Of The Last Of Us

Wow. That’s always the first thing after seeing footage from this game; really anything from Naughty Dog this gen. This demo shown at Pax Prime was apparently also show behind closed doors at E3. What is shows is the exact area of gameplay as the public E3 footage, the one that ends in that shotgun blast, but it approaches the situation in a completely different manner.

In this version Joel and Ellie work together to get a ladder and help them get up to the next area. When they make their way up a level in what used to be a swanky hotel or apartment possibly apartment building, Joel works a little more stealthy than the last demo; surveying where the bad guys are headed and trying to take them out quietly.

I love that they can also sneak up on you and that combat takes into account the items in the room around. The shifting dialogue between Joel and Ellie is excellent as she acts as a spotter at times. This game really can’t come out soon enough.

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