Hold Me in Paradise

Last week we had a fairly slow episode apart from the the introduction of an awesome new character Rick Harrow, the one-eyed mask-wearing sniper who Jimmy befriends. This week all hell breaks loose when Nucky heads to Chicago for the Republican National Convention.

Nucky’s brother sits in the big chair lamenting that no one comes to him while the boss is out of town… but they will later and he won’t like it then. Nucky hobnobs at the RNC and meets Henry “Shooter McGavin” Daugherty who lets Nucky know that his outside-rung candidate Warren Harding might be a good presidential.

On the Homefront

Lucy has a confrontation with Margaret when the French boutique owner begs for her help. It appears Lucy has been cut off by Nucky. Margaret actually tries to help but earns some name-calling for her troubles. She give Lucy a nice slap and a warning for worse.

Jimmy’s wife is behind on the bills, they hint that the money Jimmy is spending might be going to his make-out mommmy. Mommy disapproves of Jimmy’s wife, who is apparently a lesbian, and tells her to get a sales job. Sounds like a Springer episode

Agent Fanatic and the Gambler

Federal Agent Creepy McMasochist is the one actually intercepting all of the money Jimmy is sending back to his wife, along with all the letters he is writing weekly. Back up in New York, Rothstein’s lawyer is coaching him on how to handle questions regarding the fixed world series and the White Sox scandal (yes the Shoeless Joe Jackson one). Rothstein’s rep says Rothy shoulda been a lawyer. Gambler Rothstein says, he “prefers to make an honest living”….. Zing!

On a Mission Trying to Elect Mr Warren G

Nucky meets Warren and also notices one of his apparently many mistresses. He later has a brief and less than pleasant exchange with Jimmy. Meanwhile Agent Creepy has dinner with his wife. We learn that she is also crazy and cannot conceive. She wants an expensive procedure that is supposed to help women get pregnant. Then things go crazy.

Doogie Howser’s best friend Viny shows up with his gang and are robbing one of Nucky’s joints when Eli shows up and get shot in the gut as a hello. Nucky gets wind of the shenanigans and make his first move. He calls Margaret to safeguard his ledger at the office and she’s the only one he trusts.

It’s War Gentlemen

Nucky speaks to Daugherty and agrees to endorse Harding, screwing over the back-stabbing Senator Edge and earning his route money along the way. He lets Edge know in person with a nice “screw you” and kiss your VP ideas goodbye.

Nucky realizes that war is inevitable after the sneak attack and attempts to re-enlist Jimmy. While Jimmy tries to show just how big-time he is now, the awesome one-eyed sniper seems eager to help. At the same time Jimmy’s wife finally receives all the money, while Agent McKooky-town just sends his poor wife a letter telling her to follow God’s plan.

This whole while Margaret watches over the ledger only to open it in the last moments of the show. Queue perplexed/disappointed look from Mrs Schroeder and a fade to black. Strong episode of Boardwalk Empire.

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