Boardwalk Empire Ourselves Alone – Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

Excuse my tardiness with this Boardwalk Empire Season Two Episode Two recap. I’ve successfully managed to catch my first illness of this Fall season and been mostly out of commission.

Ourselves Alone – Episode Recap

Margaret hears from the staff and the front page of the newspaper of Nucky’s arrest for election fraud. Ms. Schroeder seems strangely resolved to act as if nothing has happened. She seems to be accepting that she has hitched her wagon to a man that is not always on

Boardwalk Empire - Chalky and Nucky In Jail

the up and up. Margaret calls into the office to find that the U.S. Attorneys agents are still there. All the while Nucky and Chalky are chatting in the clinker. Chalky is restless but seems to not have turned against Nucky like the others.

Jimmy the turncoat is meeting with the Charley (the one who slept with Jimmy’s mom in season one and Rothstein). Jimmy is offering liquor to Rothstein, though not much interest is shown. Rothstein knows about Nucky’s jailing, Jimmy possibly didn’t know this. Charley arranges a meeting with Jimmy at a poker game.

Margaret does an act for the the agents ransacking Nucky’s place.  I think she may be going for the books and later this proves to be true.  Nucky is released and speaks to the press, talking tough and vowing to fight all while politicking.  During this time the

Boardwalk Empire - Dabney Coleman
But first, the Feats of Strength!

conspirators are meeting at the commodores, where a newly powdered and dyed commodore (Did he fall into the shoe polish?) displays a feat of strength vs Damien, who is the only one wavering in his betrayal of Nucky, eventually informing him of the plot.

Chalky is integrated into the “black prisoners” cell which begins a short side-story with another agressive inmate.  Chalky pretends to be reading a book (apparently his wife doesn’t know he can’t read).  He incorrectly gives the title of the book and the other inmate is apparently trying to get Chalky to react.  He question Chalky’s integrity, essentially calling him a sell-out.  Later when the prisoner initiates a fight he finds out that the well-connected Chalky has friends everywhere, including every inmate in the cell. They proceed to savagely beat the man.  I thought this story would have gone somewhere, but it didn’t.

A young Irishman representing an important official from Ireland shows up to check the

Boardwalk Empire - Bad-ass Jimmy
Jimmy's gonna get you Kramer!

security of Nucky’s home. He’s young and attractive, and stays in Atlantic City after business is done. He may have interest in Margaret and definitely flirts with the maid. May be someone to watch out for with regards to Margaret and Nucky.  Margaret reveals that she did indeed takes Nuck’s ledgers and they agree that the books need to be “in his head” from now on.

Nucky receives a call from Eli and gives him one chance to back out, with no repercussion. Eli sides with the Commodore fully. Meanwhile Jimmy meets with Charley and another associate from the first season.  They agree, in principal, to do some of the booze business on the side away from Rothstein.  Sounds like trouble. Jimmy proceeds to win a bundle at the poker game and is jumped by gangsters who saw him receive the cast.  The next part is by far the most bad-ass Jimmy has ever been, slashing the one man’s throat and stabbing the other in the back lighting fast and we fade to black.

Stay tuned for Boardwalk Empire Season Two Episode Three Recap, next Monday!

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