We left with almost everyone apart from the not-so-bright Damien turned against Nucky and Margaret taking a turn on the darkside, by getting Nucky’s ledger-book and cash from his hidden compartment before the feds could get it. Chalky was also still in prison, “for his own protection”. That was Episode 2 Ourselves Alone, Now we move to Episode 3:

A Dangerous Maid Recap

As if the focus wasn’t already clear, this is Nucky vs Commodore and Jimmy is along for the ride.  I believe he’s supposed to be coming off as sympathetic; torn between “two fathers”.  Instead he’s mostly just coming off like an ass.  He is fully siding with his father, and taking exception to Nucky’s apparent slight against his weirdo mother.  Nucky was the man who chose “the girls” for the commodore.  When Nucky knocks over the Commodore’s lobster dinner, after finding that there is none left for Margaret during a restaurant scene. Nucky comes toe-to-toe with Jimmy and lets him know that the commodore, “didn’t even ask her name, he just pointed at the one he wants.” No this incite Jimmy who is about to do physical violence to Nucky.  This makes no sense as the guy who knocked up his mom as just a child, the commodore, is sitting right there, gaining none of the ire.

Nucky has taken a stand and pledges to “ruin” all of them.  Meanwhile he can’t even get any favors from Secretary of State Shooter McGavin and the big wigs of the town continue to conspire against him. One new man, Owen Slater. the Irish “security” pledges support work for Nucky. Nucky seems too distracted or overwhelmed to accept the help, but Owen goes ahead and fights for Nucky anyways, later having a confrontation with Harrow.  TheseJimmy vs Nucky are now my two favorite characters and they stand face to face with guns loaded and aimed, neither backing down. Harrow security for the liquor delivery to the place where he got Owen a job, accept this is Nuck’s place and it’s getting liquor from Jimmy, therefore the commodore. Owen say it ain’t happening.  Harrow seems to respect with Owen’s stance.

Harrow may be on the edge of turning, he certainly won’t fight Nucky.  As he tells Capone, in town to tell Nucky that Torrino is grabbing his booze elsewhere, he will not “take out” Nucky. Harrow respects Nucky, and even ran security out the house for a bit for Margaret and children last season.  Capone, like Harrow, is envious of Jimmy’s perfect life, one he doesn’t seem to understand and is continually trying to wreck, as he watches Jimmy’s “normal” son interacting with him.

A new storyline with Margaret emerges as she receives correspondence from a detective agency, letting her know that the rest of her family has come to America, in New York.  She apparently parted with the family on bad terms and hasn’t seen them in years.  When she calls, or rather has the maid call,  to ask about the whereabouts of a young woman, she finds the girl to be dead.  She bursts into tears, we assume this is a sister or something of that sort; later we find out this “dead girl” is Margaret, either completely disowned or believed to be dead.

More strangeness between the semi-imprisoned Lucy and van Alden.  She is drinking and smoking and having visitors, he is trying to keep her hidden.  When he finds out about her love for entertainment and music he buys here an expensive record player and sense to be happy that it makes her feel better… weirdness.

Things to watch for: more Nucky vs the Commodore and does Jimmy come to his senses?Does Nucky’s new found resolve lead him to enlist the Irish soldier, Owen Slater?  What happened in Margaret’s past, and what happens with the newly released Chalky? Oh, and where is this relationship with Lucy and Agent van Alden going.

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