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Apologize for the mis-label of the episode number and title.  Episode 8, Take It! recap coming later tonight. So Lumen gets her first kill in the last episode, well a half kill anyways. And it ends with Dexter agreeing to help her find the others as it’s the only way she can feel any sort of normalcy or relief. We cut to expensive suit guy folding his jacket just as Lumen described him. He has hired laborers to load Boyd’s special dead-people-filled barrels into his truck. Later scary suit guy is driving when he is broad-sided in the truck by a drunk driver. Holy crap!

Motivational Murder?

Dexter arrives on the scene with wreckage, including Boyd’s secrets and quickly realizes he has to control this situation because of Lumen, who later shows up at the scene! Trouble for Dexter as Vince is already on the scene, along with Deb who again spent the night with Quinn. Turns out the registered owner of the truck is a motivational speaker with the last name of Chase. This is the creator of the tapes Boyd always listened too. Is he the guy in the suit?

Back at the station, Quinn and Deb are called into LaGuerta’s office. Deb is worried that their relationship has been found out, which she fears greatly for some reason. Instead it’s a meeting with the Chief and Santa Muerte is back on. With a sting set-up at the club. A screw-up, it is reiterated, could mean LaGuerta’s job.

Homicide Head-fake

So Chase shows up at the precinct. He’s not the guy in the suit, but his head of security is and he’s right there next to him. Dexter takes some cleverly concealed photos under the guise of a photo-op for Masuka who is a big Chase fan. Later Lumen confirms the identity of Cole, Chase’s body guard as one of her tormentors. Lumen wants or rather needs revenge and Dexter is going to help. Dexter says they have to frame Boyd (is it really a frame-job if he did do a lot of it?) to knock homicide off the case.

Not According to PlanDetective Quinn - Dexter

Big trouble at the scene of the sting. The Fuentes brothers (the serial killers) are already there before the setup. LaGuerta makes a major tactical error by sending a couple people to their death including machete-boy that Deb let get away in order to save his hostage a few episodes back. Not good for LaGuerta who won’t admit to making a mistake. We find that Chase is in on things during a conversation in the car with his security officer. At security officer’s house later that night, Dexter almost gets choked out until Lumen comes to the rescue and beats the creepy dude with her mag light. They discover high school photos of Chase, Security, Guy, The Dentist and the others in on the torture/murder serial-spree. Things are definitely getting interesting with hints of Robocop going full on creepy-bad and forcing the investigation into Dexter.

Show ends with a moment between Lumen and Dexter.  He actually has somewhat of an emotional reaction after being hugged, and links his future with hers for now.

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