Major Changes to XCOM Shooter – Bad Sign

Major Changes to XCOM Shooter – Bad Sign

Rumor: XCOM Undergoes Big Change

A lot of people, myself included, kind of freaked out when the XCOM FPS was announced. Being a player of the original strategy game, this was a complete departure from what I wanted and expected of the IP. Then the announcement came that there were two XCOM’s one this FPS “re-imagining” the other a true-to-the-original tactical strategy XCOM FPSgame. I was then able to give a fresh-eyed look to the FPS and I actually was interested in what I saw, including the tactical demo most recently seen. It gave off a sci-fi pulp feel which was kind of cool.

Cut to the present when it seems that XCOM Enemy Unknown has reached a peak of interest, a mere week before its release. The game looks smooth and despite the few detractors that say it is “dumbed down” I see a game that perfectly brings an old classic into the modern era. Meanwhile the Shooter has no concrete release date, and rumblings like at the above link do not bode well for it. Changing from a 1st to 3rd person mechanic this late in the dev cycle seems like something that is not indicative of a project on solid footing. Only time will tell. In the meantime, the XCOM I’ve been waiting for looks like it will provide many hours of gameplay.

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