Rockstar has unveiled a Max Payne 3 Special Edition, packed with goodies. To take advantage of this you must secure your [amazon_link id=”B0067KR35M” target=”_blank” ]Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pre-order[/amazon_link] between now and January 15th, this is a limited time offer. Check out all the details of the collectible version of the game below.

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Details

The centerpiece of this SE is the 10-inch tall Max Payne 3 statue made by Triforce, a

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company that has done figures for the Gears of War and Mass Effect series amongst others. This features a grizzled, aging Max Payne in a tattered Grey suit, guns akimbo.  Recent reveals and coverage of the game have let us know that we will take control and follow a storyline of Max at various points in his life, leading up to the bearded, burly and shaved head Max that has been prominently featured in early previews. This continues the trend of the statue as the centerpiece of many Special or Collector’s Editions these days. It looks like an excellent collectible piece.

Also included in the Max Payne 3 Special Edition is a Bullet Keychain, this will go nicely with my Uncharted 3 belt buckle, and Drake’s Ring and the yet as unsecured Assassins Creed hoodie.  The other trend in SE and CE packages are wearable items, that also continues here. For Videogame soundtrack lovers, such as myself, the inclusion of the official soundtrack, aka, original score music is a welcome treat. I’m not sure who is scoring the new entry, but check out the first trailer below, which makes use of the pure Max Payne 2 theme music.

The next two treats are for the recently revealed multiplayer mode, they are a classic skin pack featuring Max Payne 2 Mona and Max models amongst others and “disorderly conduct” weapons pack. They appear to be molotov cocktails, a grenade launcher and modified shotgun of some sort. It will be very interesting to see how they bring multiplayer to the Max Payne universe as bullet-time will remain a core gameplay mechanic. Also included are some original art prints, another treat for game art collectors.  The Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pre-order is available for all three systems and will hit you up for $99.99. The price for my tastes 6 months ago would have been far too high, but as more has been revealed about Max’s third journey towards revenge and redemption, many of my fears have dropped by the wayside. You’ve got a Die Hard style look, a Creasy/Man on Fire storyline and you have the classic Max Payne music, voice acting and bullet-time mixed in with an added cover system and multi-player. Oh yeah and it’s Rockstar!

This has slowly turned into a must buy for me and will set the pocket book back quite a bit as it comes right around the time of the Mass Effect 3 N7 Edition at $79.99. Remember, again, the Max Payne 3 Special Edition Pre-Order is only valid “while supplies last” and up the January 15, 2012 cut-off date.  I sensed a weight on my wallet, drenched in gloom and laden with foreboding…

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