A huge month of game releases is capped off in spectacular fashion this week with some key games that will propel sales through the holiday season.

Rock Band 3 CoverRock Band 3

Rock Band 3 the biggest name in interactive music gaming gets it’s release in a multitude of packaged varieties. There are packages that include all instruments, including the the new keyboard peripheral. The new guitar design features a complex fretting system. The stringed version we’ve all been hearing so much about doesn’t actually hit until next year, which is kind of a bummer. If you can’t wait for a stringed instrument game, check out Power Gig which already has implemented this feature.

Fable III

Fable III sees it’s Xbox 360 exclusive release this week as well. It’s Fable so you know what to expect: the ability to play as good or evil, own property, have a companion in a fantasy settings. Molyneux as always has lots of promises with this series, but let’s wait and see on this one. The biggest addition to me is the inclusion of John Cleese as the butler character for the game. Fable III comes in regular and limited collector’s editions.

Star Wars – The Force Unleashed IIForce Unleashed 2 Poster

This is the most anticipated title for me. It promises to fix a lot of the mechanical issues that the first one suffered from as well as expand on the force powers and actually give the player the control and power seen in many of the games impressive cut-scenes. Just check out a few of those impressive cutscenes from Blur Studios to get a good idea of what we are promised to see in the game. Also, dual wielding light sabers and an unlockable Guybrush Threepwood model. This is on my too buy list, but I have to finish my work on Fallout New Vegas, Castlevania and more first.

This month will also see the Ultimate Edition release of Dragon’s Age featuring all of the add-ons currently available, essentially making this a Game of the Year collection. Grand Theft Auto IV Complete has a similar idea as it takes the core game and pacakges in the DLC episodes in one convient package. The Sims 3 will also get it’s console release to enable console gamers the ability to waste copious amounts of time “doing stuff”.

Fallout New Vegas is buggy but expansive and impressive and is sucking up all of my time right now. Check out the Fallout New Vegas Stories on the nav bar.

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