Princess Bride Sequel in the Works!?

Princess Bride Sequel in the Works!?

The Princess Bride writer William Goldman says he’s been trying to write a sequel

Now before everyone freaks out, check out the brief article first. It seems that William Goldman the original author of The Princess Bride has wanted to write a sequel book for quite some time, but has had difficulty approaching it. There may be some movement now. Lets hope those involved the with contemporary-ish classic can return. Of course no Andrew (sadface) and Wallace Shawn’s character, Vizini was killed along with Christopher Guest’s Count Rugen. But, who’s to say a little literary or movie magic couldn’t bring the back, or better yet spin them into new parts.

In fact, it seems to be the best way to go would simply make a story, where the young Fred Savage’s character, now grown, reads to his son, in the tradition of his grandfather (RIP Peter Falk). This new fantastical story can feature new characters played by some of the old familiar faces. That would be quite a treat. I still love that movie and would love to see the ensemble, such as it is, return for more. As long as you don’t stick Justin Bieber or some other Disney hack in there, everything should be alright. As I wish.

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