What does a kiss mean? A kiss is the representative of love. It is one of the most simple
explanations for a most complex feeling and state of being. It is a simple act that encompasses the overwhelming feelings that cannot be given voice. Think about it. A kiss can convey every emotion that love makes us feel. It can be passionate, sad, playful, or filled with regret. It is hello… it is goodbye. It doesn’t just represent love… a kiss is love. The world has lost the kiss… you see people making out with random strangers as a spectacle on tv… people kiss regardless of commitment, honor, integrity or decency. We have lost the kiss.
Here are what some more eloquent people than I think about the kiss…

Never Try To Trick Me With A Kiss by Sylvia Plath
Never try to trick me with a kiss
Pretending that the birds are here to stay;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

A stone can masquerade where no heart is
And virgins rise where lustful Venus lay:
Never try to trick me with a kiss.

Our noble doctor claims the pain is his,

While stricken patients let him have his say;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

Each virile bachelor dreads paralysis,
The old maid in the gable cries all day:

Never try to trick me with a kiss.

The suave eternal serpents promise bliss
To mortal children longing to be gay;
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

Sooner or later something goes amiss;
The singing birds pack up and fly away;
So never try to trick me with a kiss:
The dying man will scoff and scorn at this.

aid the Rose by George B. Miles
And when evening came she set me
In a vase
All of rare and radiant metal,
And I felt her red lips settle
On my leaves till each proud petal

Touched her face.

To A Kiss by Robert Burns
Humid seal of soft affections,
Tend’rest pledge of future bliss,
Dearest tie of young connections,
Love’s first snow-drop, virgin kiss.

Speaking silence, dumb confession,
Passion’s birth, and infants’ play,
Dove-like fondness, chaste concession,
Glowing dawn of brighter day.

Sorrowing joy, adieu’s last action,
Ling’ring lips, — no more to join! What words can ever speak affection Thrilling and sincere as thine!

And finally… a quote
What lies lurk in kisses.” – Heinrich Heine

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