The Voice of Agent 47 Returns!

Hitman: Absolution Agent 47 Actor Revealed

Hitman without the original voice would be like Splinter Cell without Michael Irons…. what? They did? Replaced him?
All of the footage, maybe too much for it’s own good, that I’ve seen of the game looks excellent. It still gives you the classic Hitman gameplay with multiple ways to get the “job” done. Yes it does seem to lean towards some more action, I think is just to bring more gamers into the fold. In the previous games it was notoriously hard to run and gun your way through the game, forcing you to take the stealth approach, which fits more in with the mythos of the game and the style of a sniper. Of course there are action sequences, increasingly as the series has gone on. I’m ok with this as they’ve never lost the traditional approach option.

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