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XCOM Demo – Complete – 1080p HD

For those without the time or the inclination to download the nearly 6 GB XCOM demo freely available on Steam now/today (9/24/12). I present you the full, uncut demo in 1080p. The demo is quick story-intro mission that is mostly a directed tutorial. This leads back to the base where you get a quick and simple overview of how the base works.

The player is then presented with a choice, each with different benefits. The consequence of not choosing a country is a panic increase in that area. Too much panic and a nation may leave the alliance. Once a nation choose to do this, you CANNOT get them back. So pay attention to the panic levels. I choose the US mission as it offers 4 scientists, which should speed up research.

The mission takes place on a dock in Seattle. The first few moves are directed to show how to quietly open doors and how to change elevation. The rest is user-controlled. As you can see I almost get a squad member killed by leaving him out of cover and using his special weapon that does not allow movement after taking a shot. I think the difficulty is set to easy for the demo, otherwise this guy would clearly be toast.

I will be ordering XCOM and recording videos in the old-school XCom style, renaming soldiers and watching in terror as friends, family, acquaintances and random celebrities die throughout my plays. The real question is do I play on Classic difficulty and suffer, or suffer less on Normal and get a better chance of progressing for the videos…

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