Following the Dexter Season Six premiere episode recap, we have quick recap of episode 2, entitled “Once Upon a Time”.

Once Upon a Time Recap

Mos Def is a con turned preacher/mechanic shop owner, he did work for Hererra, the snakes in the stomach guy from episode one who also apparently has drug cartel ties. Batista pegs the snakes as a cartel thing, Dex has serial killing on the mind. Also, turns out that Brother Sam’s character was a past potential kill for Dex until he was arrested in a drug bust. Looks like Dex has Mos in his sights.

Deputy Chief Matthews looks like he might be targeting Deb for Lieutenant over Batista, she is an Internet sensation after all. And yes, he was and she is. First she gets a proposal from Quinn in the morning over pancakes (and she doesn’t commit), and now she’sDexter and Brother Sam Lieutenant. “Holy Fuckballs”, as she says. Deb is taking the job, but not sure about the marriage so she hides out at Dex’s place.

Hanx’s kid visits his sister. The cult is obviously part of some “end times” things based on references to dead crows and the symbols on the body.  He needs to go work with the leader, Olmos’s character, as they were prepping something in an abandoned church with mannequin parts?  She convinces him to stay. He is later reprimanded by Edward James Olmos’s (still unnamed character, I think), who puts a hot iron to his own arm.  Apparently he is pushing himself as some sort of Christ figure.

Dex damages his car on purpose, so that he can take his car to “Brother Sam’s” garage. Sam preaches his story, outright telling him about his past killing (a mistrial due to the judge dying). Dex doesn’t appear to be wavering on going after the man though. Meanwhile Deb has coffee with Batista and lets him know that his job is going to be hers. She says she’ll take it only with his blessing.  He gives it though obviously upset. He cares about Deb and actually respects her as a detective.

Dex believes he sees Sam murder someone, but really he just knocked out one of his criminal workers who took a shot at him, high on drugs. While there some thugs come to reclaim Sam’s worker and Dex lays the smack-down on one with a metal bat, while Sam preaches. “You sure don’t fight like a lab geek”. The incident at Sam’s gives Dex a new target, the assailant, Julio Benes, who names a Hector Nunez as a “body never found”. Dex takes Julio out later all the while pondering if Sam is truly reformed.

Holy shit, I actually feel bad for Quinn. I’ve never liked him, and after getting destroyed like that, how can I not. Deb shoots down the idea of marriage and he tells her to get out when she can’t really explain why not to take the next logical step. “Oh, by the way I’m your new boss. Deb is made lieutenant while everyone looks on.

Holy shit, did Dex sleep with Batista’s sister or she is she just there early to watch the kid. Obviously we have a “sitcom TV” moment, the other kids have been written out and Harrison seems to have aged a few extra years. Watch for the story between Sam and Dex, does Dex question his own possibility of reformation? Or does Sam go back to his old ways? How does Batista handle not getting the job that was rightfully his? Also what happens with Masuka’s hot new intern, now that she knows he, “likes to watch”.  My bet is on something with her and Batista as somewhat of twist.  They need to explain this cult thing a little more quickly.  Come back next week for another recap.

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