There have been a few names added to the cast for Dexter Season Six. They have continually sought out big names to guest star for single seasons, most prominently being John Lithgow, Julia Stiles and Keith Carradine’s “Det. Frank Lundy”.  This summer theyEdward James Olmos Dexter Season Six had already announced the non-rapping Tom Hanks spawn, Colin Hanks as well as the artist formerly known as Mos Def.

Hanks is set to play an expert on ancient artifacts.  His character is somehow linked to murders that occur during the 6th season of Dexter. Mos (Mos Def) will also appear in a arc of episodes as an ex-con.  His character is attempting to reform from his criminal past and has embraced religion.

But perhaps the biggest casting news is the addition of Captain Adama himself, Edward James Olmos.  Word is that In Dexter Season Six, Olmos is said to be playing a professor of religious studies.  It sounds like there will obviously be cross-over with the religious reformed con, expert in antiquities and a religious professor.  Olmos is definitely the big get here and is the most legitimate star set for the 6th season of Dexter. So say we all?

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