Dexter Season Six Episode Six – Just Let Go saw the death of Brother Sam, and Dexter trying to carry out his final wishes. When he was unable to do so, his brother The Ice Truck reappeared seeming to take over as his guide from Harry as Dex’s monster took over.

Nebraska Episode Recap

Dexter contemplates “being lost” Rita, Lumen, but his brother Brian has found him. Dexter is turning… saying he can “stop pretending there is any light in him”. The brotherly reunion is interrupted by sister with news. Trinity has popped up again. This floors Dexters. Two new deaths, his wife and daughter. But we know Trinity is dead… so who is the culprit. Jonah, the son survived an attack. Likely suspect #1. Brian figured it out and suggest a “road trip”. Conviently Deb gives him the day off. Shouldn’t Deb be more sad about Lundy? Dex thinks of her last always.

Travis is trying to reform. Spending time with his sister. He almost asks her how he ever fell for Gellar’s B.S. And, on cue, Gellar is at his door. Travis says he is done. Gellar insists they were chosen. Geller will carry on with God’s work until Travis’s “detour” is over with.

Dexter with new guide Brian examine the crime scene photos, piecing together the details of their deaths. Dexter insists that Jonah loved his mother and sister, he did in fact attempt to protect them from Trinity (dad). Brian says, “when has love ever stopped anyone”. “It’s in the blood” Dexter says as he looks at Harrison. Dexter is having second thoughts. Brian talks him back into though, “When was the last time you had fun.”

Laguerta and deb, conference, low numbers etc dex continues his trip. deb says not 4, she needs help, dex is drive by his dark passenger, semi-literally filled by the apparition of his dead brother. brian gives Dex urges to kill against the code. Instead Dexter has sex with her and steals the gun from behind the counter. Dexter is losing it, shooting a gun down the highway and speeding at his brother’s urging.

Dexter arrives and finds Jonah working at a supply store. Jonah knows that Kyle Butler is Dexter Morgan. Jonah lies about seeing his father there, killing his mother. Jonah doesn’t show much emotion while describing the death of his mother, possibly only slight anger. The girl that Travis let go has reported it to the police. Batista and Deb interview her. She recounts her torture and forced blood drinking… ewwww..

Dexter has a flat at the shady lane motel and their something a little weird about the hotel owner who offers to fix Dexter’s flat and tells him to stick to the road walking to town. Dex does not at brother Brian’s urging and discoversa pot farm in the middle of the corn field.

Travis checks in on the church and Gellar disembowels an alligator… creepo.

Mike, Batista and Quinn talk revelations and the Whore of Babylon. She was forced to drink Gellar and Travi’s blood. New intern is going to try and narrow 2400 accomplice suspects. New intern visits with Jamie, he shows her his computer game. It’s a Miami Metro game featuring her brother Batista in primitive graphical form. Deb busts in trying to find Dex because he won’t return her calls while he in psycho-land with his dead brother. Dexter is a dick to his sister when she finally gets a hold of him… not good.

Brian argues against the code. Motel man has stolen his knives and forensics kit, Dexter goes in anyway Jonah’s home regardless. He finds evidence of a cleanup and traces of blood… but Jonah shows up. Dex confronts him and he flees.

Back at shady lane the owner tries to blackmail dex, when he pulls a gun, it’s over for him. In a weird mental representation, Brian pitchforks the owner and we camera roll around his back to Dexter holding the pitchfork. The brothers then strike into a twisted American Gothic portrait pose. Brian see how much Dexter enjoys “the light going out of their eyes”. Dexter “feels like anything his possible”; he seems to spiraling out of control. They dump the body in a grain silo.

Travis returns to Gellar to give him back his things. Gellar paints a picture of the evils of the world trying to conflict the boy and insisting he and Travis must stop it. Travis rages. He wants to be free, Gellar releases him. Back at Miami Metro, Quinn apologizes, finally. Oh god they begin to kiss… but she can’t let this happen. “They are really over” realizes Quinn in a sad moment of closure.

Dexter heads to a meet point with his next victim. The catch is that Jonah wants to die. Dexter makes him explain. His sister killed herself. Their mom was mentally destroying them, blaming the kids, wishing for her serial killer husband to return… causing the sister’s suicide. Jonah raged and killed his mother. Brian urges the kill. Dexter comes to his sense and gets the heck out of town, telling the boy, “forgive yourself”.

Masuka’s intern created software to find the accomplice and narrows the huge list to 200. Travis is on this list. Gellar was in the Travis’s house, creepy. Yay! Harry is back! “Welcome home son,” as Dexter returns to Miami.

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