Dexter examines the wings from the Doomsday killing in last weeks episode. He discovers a resin specific to restoration work. Gellar and Travis pray, with Travis seeing some strange visions of a bleeding Gellar.  The Doomsday crew are looking for their next victim, “The Whore of Babylon”

Deb has a staff meeting on the case and Dex lies to her about finding anything with the Wings. Masuka has replaced hot intern with new computer expert, who figures that 1260 is the next target number (found on or in victim’s bodies). Later Quinn seems to be acting civil for a change and politely asks for the engagement ring back. She agrees, only issue is that she doesn’t know where she has left it, she asks Jamie (Harrison’s babysitter) for help.

Dex bumps into brother Sam at the precint, apparently Nick’s old brothers shot up the shop. These guys are definitely friends now. Dex awkwardly invites Sam over to see Harrison and an awkward acceptance is given in kind.

Dex hits an art gallery to talk about restoration. Where… dun dun dun, Travis works restoring paintings.  Mike Anderson (new detective from Chicago) calls in Dex at a crime scene. It’s a murder-suicide which Dex solves in minutes. Mike wonders how he works with the “chuckleheads” at Miami Metro. Dex not so subtly lets him know that Deb is his sister… poor Mikey, so uncomfortable in Miami.

Gellar and Travis are at a club looking for the Whore of Babylon where the spy the latest newspaper featuring Gellar’s face and the doomsday killer title right on the cover. Travis’s abnormally long neck frightens me. Gellar ducks out leaving Travis to do the stalking, but he botches it.  Dex talks about his  mother with Sam, pretty strong thing for him to be sharing with someone. They talk about the darkness. Dex tries to remember his mother. Sam says, there’s , “no darkness the light can’t overcome”.

Gellar comforts Travis on his screw-up and tells hims it’s OK. They will “carry out God’s plan” on the following night. The next day Dex is tracking Travis. He enters Travis’s apartment when he leaves. Dex finds the numbers, apparently cut from an ancient bible. He secures a sample page for analyzing and they match perfectly.

Batista and Quinn talk to professor Porter, she was Gellar’s teacher’s aide and defends him without prompting. Admitting to man people’s admiration for the man and how he likes to stir trouble. Charismatic and brilliant, she seems enamored. She lived with him for awhile. She was one of a “long line” but still seems enamored with him. Quinn flirts. At the precinct Mike and Deb talk, Mike misses Chicago obviously and Deb lets him know she sees that he’s unsure of his co-workers.

Later that evening, Quinn is flirting with a drunk Porter, Quinn doesn’t know shit about literature, and is an idiot for getting involved with a witness. Batista is trying to talk him out of it. Because it is possibly tampering with the investigation. But they end up at her place anyway. Jamie finds the ring. She a Deb are fighting and Dex has to deal with it. Deb is obviously having issues, and when forced to talk with the department psychologist she unloads, reluctantly at first.

Gellar and creepy minion hit drunk man and woman and nab the incoherent female and throw her in the trunk. At Professor Porter’s house, Batista seesboxes marked Gellar, with hand-written documents, including creepy and elaborate drawings and images depicting things specific to the Doomsday killing… but are they there under false pretenses. This will come back to bite them in the ass. Wowsers.

Deb takes the ocean-front apartment with some advice from the psychologist and secures herself a good price with some help from Mike. Masukas intern sort of helps with the ice truck stuff, “erasing all traces of it from the Internet”.

Dex has Travis.  Travis is totally brain-washed. Dex is pretty creepy under the red light in back of Travis’s car.. Travis didn’t perform any of the killings… thus he is not part of Dex’s code. “I know more about darkness than most”. Dex counsels Travis and then… lets him go. Gellar gently threatens Travis against running away. In the morning Dex is on Travis’s trail again.

Drama at every turn this episode only heightened with Brother Sam entering his garage and being shot multiple times by an unknown assailant. Dexter will avenge his friend, pretty certain of that.

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