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If you ever stop by this page, you will know that I am the sole owner, operator and writer here. This was once an art portfolio for me during college from 2007 to around 2009 when I started to transform it into a place where I could write about and review, books, games, film, music and anything else that I fancied. As I spent more and more time writing professionally, mostly blog, SEO and social content for businesses my time with the site has gone up and down. It has always been a place to cross-post my youtube videos, which are mostly game intro collections and full video walkthroughs. When I find the time I review other things, or share other stories, though I do much more of that on my various social media profiles.

Only Single Player – Writer

Beginning in December I accepted what is currently a volunteer position, writing for Only Single Player. I quickly became lead reviewer and a some-time PR assistant, contacting indie and mid-level companies and/or their PR agencies to secure review copies of games for the site. I also sometimes help out posting news stories and may do the odd editorial, you can find all of my work at my OnlySP author profile.

If you are interested in gaming, you will find, as the name implies, a focus on Single Player experiences in games. If you can, stop by and read, and comment. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you both here and at OnlySP. As always, if you are interested in having a game/album/book or anything else reviewed or written about, or need a part-time or full-time writer, don’t hesitate to write me and inquire about my services. I have a wide variety of interest and have written for numerous business on a huge array of topics and products. – James Schumacher

A freelance writer and digital artist, operator of this website. My name is James Schumacher, and I hold a degree in Game Art & Design (BoFA) from the Art Institute in Portland. My passions are gaming, music, books, film and my friends. Select Photography to see some of my latests photos, with more found at 500px and Viewbug. Currently you can find much of my game reviews mostly at Only Single Player http://www.onlysp.com. I am available for freelance writing work, as well as for image and graphic editing.


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