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Mafia 2 Preview

Fresh off my Mafia City of Lost Heaven short review comes the Mafia 2 Pre-order / Preview. You can read the full Mafia 2 Preview at my usual publishing spot on Associated Content, so please read it and leave some comments/feedback when you get a chance. The link is in the header of this section and at the bottom of the post.  The original Mafia is one of my favorite all-time games.  It had the perfect combination of story, voice-acting, graphics and music, both licensed and scored for the game.  Here’s a little sample from the full article:

Characters were the heart of the Mafia 1, and Vito Scaletta is the heart of Mafia 2. After returning from the war in 1945, Vito meets up with an old friend and through a series of events becomes involved in organized crime. He then begins to climb the ranks of this organization.

Mafia 2 Pre-Order Versions

Mafia 2 Pre-Orders come in two base versions.  There is the Mafia 2 Pre-Order Standard and Mafa 2 Pre-Order Collector’s editions.  Then you have various pre-order bonuses depending on which retailer you go through.  Mafia 2 Pre-Orders from Best Buy get the greaser pack.  The war hero and Vegas packs are available for Mafia 2 Pre-Orders from EBGames and Gamestop respectively.  The final Mafia 2 Pre-Order bonus packs is from Amazon and is called the Renegade pack (featured below).  Each pack come with bonus vehicles and outfits for the game.  You can also pre-order the Mafia 2 Collector’s Edition which features: a map of Empire Bay, the made-man exclusive pack, a steelbook casing, the orchestrated soundtrack and a hardcover art book.  Very cool indeed! Check out the article Mafia 2 Preview – Made Men of Empire Bay for a closer look.

Mafia 2 PC Requirements

For those of you not buying a Mafia 2 Pre-order for the PS3 or Xbox (Mafia 2 PS3 comes with exclusive content).  Here are the Mafia 2 PC Requirements:

Mafia 2 PC Requirements – Minimum

OS: Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or later) / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Pentium D 3Ghz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ (Dual core) or higher
RAM: 1.5 GB      Video Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 / ATI HD2600 Pro or better
Hard Disc Space: 8 GB     Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

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