I am under the weather, which sounds strange since it’s in the 80’s, but I digress.. Allergies/cold whatever have knocked me out for most of the day. I hope to get around to editing the photos from the beach trip tonight or tomorrow, and posting. No I am not on the Starcraft 2 craze like many of you, besides I hear things are taking forever to activate on the bogged down battle.net servers. I will eventually play the SP campaign and share my thoughts.

Also, I know some of you were looking for an article on Salt, I never got around to it. It was just another disappointing movie and I was concerned about a string of reviews all showing my disdain for another predictable and let-down of a summer movie… but I will blog some thoughts on it shortly. Stay Tuned, I am going to drop some more allergy tabs and drink a gallon of water.


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