Newly appointed to Sergeant, Sonny Bonds finds himself covering for the Traffic Division. He must lead the standard Trafffic department morning briefing and have a disciplinary discussion with an officer named Morales. She seems to have a serious attitude problem.Police Quest III Sonny receives a call from dispatch to check out a complaint at nearby Aspen Falls Park. Once there he has to deal with deranged man harassing park patrons. After booking the man Sonny is called to a refusal to sign call with the officer Morales. Morales continues her belligerent behavior. Sergeant Bonds then goes out on patrol over Lyttons main Highway, 41. He pulls over several people for various traffic violations, all involving speed or lack there of, before he catches a drunk and books him. As night deepens another call from dispatch sends Sonny out to the local Mall where a woman has been attacked… the same mall where his wife Marie works…

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