Police Quest III Walkthrough – Day 4

Bonds gets a court summons for the Ruiz traffic stop 3 days prior. He grabs the speedometer calibration chart from the patrol car before heading to court. Bonds testifies to the slow driving of Ruiz and provides the chart, however it’s noted that Sonny put the Police Quest IIIwrong time on the ticket (livestreaming and not paying attenion!), thus allowing the man to get off scott-free.

After court Morales needs seems in a hurry to make a phone call. Sonny drives her to the mall. When Morales leaves her purse behind, Bonds instinctively grabs her keys and takes them across the parking lot to get a quick copy, quickly returning the original before Morales makes it back to the car.

They then head to murder scene where it looks like there may be a serial killer or cult type situation for sure now. After booking in the evidence, Sonny heads to the hospital to check on Marie’s condition.

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