The Music of Secret of Mana

Appreciating The Music Of Secret Of Mana

Secret of Mana Music

I am not an authority on the Secret of Mana aka Seiken Densetsu RPG series. When the game came out I was splitting time with other famous SNES RPGs as well as enjoying all that the PC had to offer at the time.  If you’re looking for background on the game, I’d say take a visit to the extensive Wikipedia page @ or the SNES Secret of Mana Cartridgeeven more in-depth Secret of Mana page on the Mana Wikia. There are many games in this series, and as with other popular Japanese RPG franchises, Secret of Mana is actually a sequel game, it’s original title Seiken Densetsu II.

While I enjoyed the brief portions of the game I played at a friend’s house, I never got to delve into the game extensively. It is on my list of games to play (an everg-rowing variety of games across multiple systems), so I will get to it one day. What I do know of the series is the music, which I enjoy immensely.  There is something about the high-quality RPG game soundtracks of the SNES era that make them unmatchable in modern-day gaming, even with full orchestration. It some sort of mix of brilliant writing and gamer nostalgia. Many people love the music of this series, so much so that a 19 CD collection was released in Japan – Seiken Densetsu Limited Edition Music Collection. The top article link features some of the great tracks of the first SNES game.

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