Boardwalk Empire Episode 4 – Dexter Season 5 Episode 3

Boardwalk EmpireBoardwalk Empire Episode 4

Things are changing rapidly for our main characters.  Jimmy has gone in to business with Al, that’s Capone to you and me in Chicago and things are getting messy already.  People are going after those close to Jimmy both in Chicago and Atlantic City in very different ways.  Jimmy’s kind of a jerk, double-timing the wife (triple if you count the stuff with Gretchen Mol, who is apparently his mom, still haven’t figured that one out).  I don’t like Jimmy much but he is deeply tied to Nucky.

Nucky has a ton of stuff going on, as he fights with the heads of the other major cities and the senator/presidential-wanna-be.  Nucky makes it clear by the end of the episode that he will get what he wants.  He also shares a dance with Margaret at his birthday party, whom I suspect reminds him of his departed wife, besides Jimmy his wife seems to be the only thing that he truly gave a damn about besides his status, so that could get real interesting with his horrible girlfriend Lucy.

No movement from the feds this week, so I expect them back for the next episode as well as some vengeance from Jimmy possibly with Capone in tow, and Nucky battling it out for votes and helping Chalky nail the clan and the perpetrators of the lynching…. phew!

Dexter Season 5 Episode 3

The third episode of Dexter started out really slowly but gathered a big head of steam leading to the stunning debut of a character to be played by Julia Stile in the final seconds.  The action looks to pick up significantly for the next episode.

This episode dealt with Dexter tracking his first victim since Trinity and the loss of Rita, and things are not going well for Dex in his “routine”.  Beside the surprise end to the episode, it looks like Dexter is going to have some more trouble with a fellow officer.  Quinn looks to be putting the clues together pointing to a connection between Dexter and Trinity.  Quinn’s a d-bag most of the time but he doesn’t let up.  We all know what happens to people that won’t stay off Dex’s trail, don’t we Sergeant Doakes?

Masuka brought the funny this episode at inappropriate moments as usual.  LaGuerta and Angel are in big trouble after Angel’s brawl with a fellow detective, defending his wife’s honor.  This season is really in full motion now, can’t wait for next week.

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