Now, normally I don’t like to rely on hints or cheats of any kind when I make my first run at the game.  I consider a first play-through to be the best way to experience a game to its fullest.  If it’s an open-world game it depends on how much I enjoy as to whether or not IUncharted 3 Strategy Guide go for a “full exploration” pass.  Once I have completed a game, it’s then time to go back for completion or to play in a different style (good to bad, different class, etc).  Thus it is that I have never found myself looking for strategy guides… well at least not in the modern era. When I was five and couldn’t figure out difficult battles in Dragon Warrior a guide made sense. When I’m thirty and trying to find the locations of the last feathers in Assassins Creed II, I go to the Internet and places like Ps3 Trophies or GameFAQs which have become my go-to resources for strategy and completion.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the appeal of having strategy right at your fingertips and the artwork and quality of the books are usually really high.  The majority of my console gaming still takes place right next to a computer, so I have free information right at my fingertips and I’ve never really been interested in the high cost of most of these guides, often times heading towards $30.  The [amazon_link id=”0307892050″ target=”_blank” ]Uncharted 3 Strategy Guide[/amazon_link] is intriguing for a few reasons. First, here is the lowdown from the amazon Description

Uncharted 3 Strategy Guide Collector’s Edition

  • WALKTHROUGH REDEFINED – Provides a visual, step-by-step guide through the entire adventure supported by behind-the-scenes commentaries from the Naughty Dog team. And yes, all collectible Treasures are included!
  • HI-RES TOP-DOWN MAPS – Annotated maps combined with easy-to-follow tactical advice cover both the most challenging and the most interesting combat encounters.
  • IN DEPTH EXTRAS – Offers advanced playing strategies and techniques for the unlockable Crushing difficulty setting, plus a story recap and analysis of key mysteries from the entire UNCHARTED series.
  • ALL SECRETS INSIDE – Includes all Treasures, Trophies and moves. Expert-level graphs, stats and tips will help you master all weapons and overcome all opponents.
  • MULTIPLAYER CHAPTER – A massive 64-page section, packed with detailed tables, diagrams, maps and countless useful tips, covers all features in both the Competitive and Co-op play modes.
  • CAST GALLERY – This exclusive 16-page section features stunning character art supported by illuminating notes from the Naughty Dog team.
  • MUSIC – Includes a free  audio CD with ten tracks from the official UNCHARTED 3 music score.

One of the first things that intrigues me is the Cast Gallery. Naughty Dog has an amazing staff of artists, [amazon_link id=”1921002719″ target=”_blank” ]The Art of Uncharted 2[/amazon_link], is a perfect example and is a highly coveted item; the limited edition sells for a huge premium. The other big get is the included 10 track Uncharted 3 Soundtrack sampler. The Uncharted series has been beautifully composed up to this point, and I expect that to continue.  It is also nice to see that the guide is designed in a way that is spoiler-free according to breakdown. So there’s why you’ll want to buy the Uncharted 3 Strategy Collector’s Edition strategy guide.

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