The Uncharted 3 trophy list has been released. It doesn’t appear to contain any spoilers, soUncharted 3 Nathan Drake Statue no worries. Looks like the standard style for the previous Uncharted games, some based on specific weapon kills, others based on amount of treasure found, some hand-to-hand combat for good measure plus fun trophies and specific actions.  I went back and platinumed the first two games and I am pondering playing this one on Crushing from the start.  It would make a cleanup trophy run a hell of a lot easier, assuming you can still unlock certain things like faster speed and specific weapons from earning points as in the previous games. One thing I like about this list is that multiplayer trophies are included, but they don’t require any massive multiplayer commitment, just simply trying it a bit. Anyways, here’s the list:

Uncharted 3 Trophy List

20 Headshots (Bronze) Defeat 20 enemies with headshots
100 Headshots (Silver) Defeat 100 enemies with headshots
30 Kills: Arm Micro (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the Arm Micro
30 Kills: Dragon Sniper (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the Dragon Sniper
30 Kills: G-MAL (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the G-MAL
30 Kills: KAL 7 (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the KAL 7
30 Kills: M9 (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the M9
30 Kills: Mag 5 (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the Mag 5
30 Kills: Mk-NDI (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the Mk-NDI
30 Kills: PAK-80 (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the PAK-80
30 Kills: RPG7 (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the RPG-7
30 Kills: SAS-12 (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the SAS-12
30 Kills: T-Bolt Sniper (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the T-Bolt Sniper
30 Kills: TAU Sniper (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies with the Tau Sniper
Bare-knuckle Brawler (Bronze) Defeat 20 enemies with hand-to-hand combat
Bare-knuckle Slugger (Bronze) Defeat 50 enemies with hand to hand combat
Blindfire Marksman (Bronze) Defeat 20 enemies by blind-firing while in cover (without aiming with L1)
Brute Beater (Bronze) Successfully counter all of a Brute’s damage-giving attacks
Buddy System (Bronze) Complete one Cooperative Multiplayer game
Charted! Crushing (Gold) Finish the game in Crushing Mode
Charted! Easy (Bronze) Finish the game in Easy Mode
Charted! Hard (Silver) Finish the game in Hard Mode
Charted! Normal (Silver) Finish the game in Normal Mode
Combat Leapfrog (Silver) Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating hand-to-hand combat and gunplay
Drop the Bomb Headshot (Bronze) Make 5 enemies drop their grenades by shooting them
Dyno-Might Master (Silver) Defeat 5 enemies with one explosion
Expert Ninja (Silver) Defeat 5 enemies in a row using stealth attacks
Grenade Hangman (Bronze) Defeat 10 enemies with grenades while hanging
Hangman (Bronze) Defeat 20 enemies with gunfire by aiming while hanging
He’s Gonna Need a Sturgeon (Bronze) Hit three enemies with fish in the market
Headshot Expert (Bronze) Defeat 5 enemies in a row with headshots
Land Shark (Bronze) Defeat 20 enemies while swimming
Marco Solo (Bronze) Play in the swimming pool on the Cruise Ship
Master Fortune Hunter (Silver) Find 100 treasures
Master Ninja (Bronze) Defeat 50 enemies with stealth attacks
Platinum (Platinum) Find all Uncharted 3 Trophies
Pro-Pain (Bronze) Defeat 10 enemies with propane of acetylene tank explosions
Quick Study (Bronze) Inspect every display case in the Cartagena Museum
Reload Master (Silver) Defeat 50 enemies in a row without auto-reloading
Ride the Crocodile (Bronze) Stand on the crocodile in the Secret Library
Riot Rocker (Bronze) Defeat 5 Riot Shield enemies by running over their shield
Rolling Ammo Master (Silver) 20 times in a row, pick up ammo while rolling
Run-and-Gunner (Bronze) Defeat 20 enemies by shooting from the hip (without aiming with L1)
Side Arm Master (Bronze) Defeat 30 enemies in a row with your side arm
Survivor (Silver) Defeat 75 enemies in a row without dying
Thrillseeker (Bronze) Complete one Competitive Multiplayer game
Throwback (Bronze) Kill 10 enemies with thrown-back grenades
Throwback Master (Bronze) Throw back a grenade and defeat two enemies at once
Truck Brawler (Bronze) Defeat 10 enemies using hand-to-hand combat on the back of the convoy trucks

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